11.47 AM: 7 glass of coffee!! man!i’m soooo sleepy… NON STOP MEETING!
what do we get from this meeting? NOTHING!
it’s a bunch of lazy ass people giving update on how sucks they are, tryin to give more excuse so they can escape from deadline and bla bla bla … ugh its a time wasting activities–at least that’s what i get here, SO FAR–
“I WANT TO GO LUNCH GOD DAMMIT, stop blabbering!”
01.00PM: still breathing….
01.12PM: ……… wondering is this the kind of journal my doctor meant?
01.13PM: having a seizure after seeing my boss’s “unshaped” 4 boobs -seriously she has 4 boobs–
02.00PM: another LAME meeting!!so lame i cant even complain, i can almost tell how sucks it’ll be when some alien look alike people join the meeting…ugh what a pain!
05.26PM: 4 minutes to freedom!still stuck.. fuck!
06.00PM: ALMOST escaped when my boss call asked for some unfinished report…. oooo happy day!
07.00PM: went home… at last!


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