went well except that people keep starring my tummy!NO BODY got killed and NO eye were ripped out

all save!


meeting, meeting and meeting! no eating, no chatting, no breathing, i might end up DEAD thanks to you ooo HOLY COMPANY !


my team and i went to this bar cause were looking location for dealer gathering. when we were there one of the MOST unwanted guy were trying to look cool!he was trying to make conversation, after endless-boring conversation that almost made me lost my hearing and understanding abilities, (i was very friendly, it amazed me up till now)i upset him, i seriously dont know why, it was a normal conversation:

Unwanted Guy(UG) : how can i get something to drink here?

Me: ask the bartender

UG: No money

Me: Go on running and wave your cock!maybe the kind security guy over there will come and give you some free punch!

then he was said something mean and left..WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT WEIRDO? it was OK…ugh



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