so i saw this cute top the other night at the plaza and decided to buy it!
it was so cute until…

the next day everyone started congratulating me for my pregnancy! WTF???!??
uhhh… HELLO people! kindly use your eye rather than instinct!what are you? animal?? MY GOD!! OK i MIGHT look a little fat –just a little– and its because of the DAMN TOP!
What did i do in the past that make me deserve this??
i never tease fat people! NEVER i just TELL or TALK about them but never tease so why do i deserve this?
oh and I VOTE for the fat lady on American idol too (see i’m NICE)
OK I EAT! so what?people make mistake…
How would i know eat 3 times a day make you FAT!
How would i know eat low fat sorbet every day make you fat
How would i know i cant eat too many carb!
IS IT MY Fault that i happen LOVE RICE and consume it everyday?
IS IT MY Fault i never count my weight

ugh ….
GODDAMMMMMIIITTT stop starring and rubbing my belly… no human being inside except for worms and germs!


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