i’m in a very calm mood today and its freaking me out!

i bet its because of the pills i took this morning
i should get more of that!
i mean, today is my 1st day and i usually act like a combination between mad bull and Santa Claus — picking fight like crazy and eating small children…..*sigh good old day*–
i cant even wrote something harsh, OMIGOD!i think i’m sick!
too many positive aura inside of me…..

OH GOD… am i gonna die anytime soon?
if its so if it so i need to finish some business…
oh shoot!there still 99.999 places i need to visit and about 1.985.362.325 foods to try!!
oh GOD please dont take me now, i’m still fat, i bet the “L- size” coffin wouldnt fit…..


breath randu breath…..ohhhmmmmmm….


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