never been good enough

Today I learn something precious!I’ve been hearing this hundred times from so many source “never put all your eggs on one bucket (thanks to WT)” this is sooooo TRUE!! never as if NEVER ever ever ever put so many hopes and thrusts in only one person.
Why? (why you have to know everything?)

Well here’s the thing; that one person you relied on,has one person he/she should take care more than anyone else which is HIS/HERself!AND U WILL NEVER WIN AGAINST THEM!they are like the soul hitler a.k.a supreme ruler of one soul!
Here’ s why I said so,
I text my boss to tell him that I’m sick today,I knew there’s something wrong when he forced me to come.

honestly I really like him!I belive in him!I do!but he betrayed me!

The thing is we actually have one common,we hate this devilish fat-tummy bitch with extra poisonous ridiculous hair which is our direct report!

(I’ll tell ya she’s the kind of woman who locked you in the locker room and burn all your cloth, the kind of women that you give your seat in the crowded bus but don’t say thank you,the kind of woman who smile when you lost your pet and the list will goes on and on,YES that kind of woman )

The point is WE HATE HER! My boss and I,we want to runaway from her, WE as if TWO PEOPLE but you know what happen? that assholes left me. HE MOVED!without telling me..still at the same division but different boss!he ditched me!dumped me as if I’m nothing!that piece of shit!

WITHOUT TELLIN ME ANYTHING!WTF!I should have plucked his balls, chopped it and feed it to sharks for being such a wimp!uggghhhh….

After that spectaculer announcement he and his shinning new team gather in his desk WHICH HAPPEN TO BE NEXT TO MINE, discussed tons of plans and exitements!without kindly enough to tell me anything!

it break my heart!really!I worked so hard and performed well!
Well it seems not good enough!though i tried so hard nothin will ever be good enough…I deserve soooooo much more than this!OH HOW I DESPERATELY NEED A NEW JOB!and a new matcing shoe of course…

well….life goes on I think I’ll just have to take it one at a time…

…………..and take his life at another time (ahahahah kiddin)


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