plurk = love

These last few days been tough but thank goodness for the supports given by my plurk fellows,I feel ssoooo much better!
Who would’ve thought people whom I’ve never met face to face could give supports more than people around me?
I guess its mainly because when io feel so upset with the situation and I really need to share it but too upset to talk about it verbally..the other is simply because we communicate every day and these people has become more than just a chat-friend but has become part of my life .. A one big plurk family!
I love plurk and I love these people!!!
thank you for makin my life more colorfull!
Thank you for sharring your stories and moments with me..
Thank you for those lovely and funny replies..
Thank you for always be there to support me..
But most of all thank you for letting me be part of this beautiful friendship!
I laaavv you aalllllll!!
And I mean it!

Ps:I swear I’m tellin you the truth and no pet or human harmed during this painful process.
Ohh and I really wrote this,NO CHEAT!


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