Do list:
1. buy a gun
2. hire a fucking brilliant attorney
3. create an ass kicking hatred letter
4. breath!!!

Man!what a crazy world were live in….
it feels like someone has been beating the crap out of you but you cant do anything!!
i got myself a new phone after so long. Went to this store and they offered me a nice phone with cheaper price… they were very kind too so i thought hey maybe that was part of the service.
But the next day after checked by handset department at my office, they said it’s a recondition phone! which is a mix of several used phones parts that being reproduce by themselves into a “new one” then they resell it again with new price!! basically they’re faking it so they’ll get more money out of it!


i mean seriously how could they do that??
they said it happen a lot lately cause the parts are getting cheaper,while the phones are getting more and more expensive.
As phone become a primary needs bad people are playing their trick to mislead other people…..that’s really mean!! and unacceptable!!!
tomorrow i planned to go to that shop and reclaim my money!!
hallelujah for working in a provider so i have tons of people who can help…..
i’m gonna chop their head off!!!!


2 responses to “recondition!

  • chrisb

    I do hope they will give you back your money, I hate being conned not that I’ve experienced anything like this-well not as far as I know anyway!

    • cholericjournal

      i really hope so chris, crossing my both hand on it.
      i hate the stupid feeling i felt right now, i know it could happen to anyone but… UGH… i should be more careful next time..

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