To Kill a Sissy boy

Oh how I hate straight guy with such a mellow attitude..sooo sensitive! Come on man!you got balls show it! I mean seriously I have gay friend that 1 million times more manly than you (please,no offense)
Stop talking with such a sissy voice!WTF!gosh how I wish I can just pick a fight just to check the level of his “whimp-ness” blaaarrrgghhh
Fak!you know, it feels like you got some itchy feeling but you don’t know where the source of that evil!annoyiiinnnggg!!I wanna slap him!
Ohhhhmmmm I need to be patient!
Hand and feet be patient now..don’t kill him, not yet…ohhhhmmmm

Ps: don’t get me wrong I think its kinda tragic that the title of this post taken from my fave book…:(but its just I can’t think of anything else right now..the word kill are all over my head!


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