9.00PM closing and checking all the doors and preparing to sleep
10.00PM awake!
10.46PM still..
11.00PM counting sheeps..
12.09PM …
12.11PM …
12.14PM …
2.06AM and I’m not sleepy! At all.. I do feel tired but I don’t feel like closing my eye!

Ugh… I really need to sleep!I need to wake up at six and be ready for 9 o’clock meeting! I mean seriously!what an assholes! Its so early!

I haven’t prepared anything and I don’t even know what to prepare..ugh.. I wish my boss would not be so stupid like usual, I wish she would at least use her brain and stop asking stupid questions and repeat the same questions over and over again!! I mean WE GET IT! WE KNOW YOURE STUPID!

I wish she ate too much breakfast and have digestion problem and need to be hospitalized forever..or they found a new species on her gigantic hair and decide that she need to be quarantine for the rest of her life!


2.12AM decide to exercise

2.13AM decide not to exercise (I need to save my energy)

2.16AM I wish I know how to hypnotise my self!



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