Birthday list!

Way past my birthday but I feel like I need to make a “not to do list” this year I promised nothing but goodness..I know mother theresa is smiling upon me from heaven at this moment!

One:I should not spend more than I actually earn and use up all my credit cards to the limit! Forget all the new shoes, bags, cloths and start living in a time where credit card is just a myth!

Two: stop being a weight conscious bitch who need to do diet all the time! Though I desperately need one..(Suck it up randu you have big bones,blame the dinosaurs for inherit you this!)

Three: writing this journal everyday as I feel like I’m getting more and more aggressive lately…I don’t know is it hormones?

Four: get a new job by actually send at least a resume!not just wish a new job will fall from the sky out of nowhere!

Five: stop cursing,be more patient and positive!(This should be very easy, I can feel the positive aura inside me needs to be freed, I just need to suppress my killing tendencies and all should be OK)

Six: look for a nice guy and have a sexy-full of comitment-more than 3 months relationship!you can do it!

Seven: pray more..(I need this!!!maybe it’ll calm me down a bit)

Eight: stop eating carbs, meats, sweets, gravies, basically stop eating anything and starve yourselves to thin!(if oprah can you can!)

Nine: buy one of self improvement book and read it!(Target: get my name on one forbes list!)

Ten: be more feminine(Guy dig this,remember they like gabrielle not xena)

Eleven; stop drinking! Start sit up!

Twelve: stop making excuses for anything! Especially on why I need to snack around midnight or skipping yoga classes for “mall” classes!

Thirteen: use more moisturizer!

Fourteen: saving money!! (This should be priority)

Fifteen: be a humanitarian, enroll on miss universe pageant and create a better world (target:world peace and touch trump’s wig)


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