Doctor’s Prescription

Went to see my therapist, again

Not much happen, He keep telling me that I have anxiety and temper problem (fucK)

The thing is, I think he’s right (double fuck) and I really need help, this anxiety/overworked/stress I had, driving me nuts and having to take pills is not so cute anymore (I look like a monstrous psychopath when i forgot to eat it) plus i usually become so wet, my sweat is unbelievably wet(obviously) its just not cute specially on the armpit area — i would kill myself if it smells too but its not really that bad(i can assure you)–

well anyway..
I dot really blame  my job (honestly)cause I really need it(sometime love it)but its just…… its consuming all my valuable time (come on I’m a business woman time IS VALUABLE)I don’t have “me” time and I get all wet and sweaty just to think of going to work on the next day plus the pile of tasks….is that healthy?

so here I am (again) trying to write day to day journal about my life and try to channel (rephrase!!!) all my emotion (mostly anger) to its right place. My therapist said writing a journal would be the best solution cause he can monitor me and i can monitor myself (as if eternal shame of telling how sucks I am to people and share my shameless moment to the entire world is not enough)

wish me luck and may the force be with me (even i dot think luke will ever read this)


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