shut up Anna!

“If love was a choice, who would ever choose such exquisite pain”

– Anna an the king-

Well guess what Anna? at least you still have a fucking brilliant love story to tell…
Man… why do I fall in love so easily? This is sucks…
(FUCK gravitation, I swear it must be the source of my fall in love sickness!)

wish i had some kind of strong shield to protect me from all this thing

I met this guy actually a few months a go on a party, he wasn’t that cute, obviously not my type and I was drunk(one word: blur)
then BAM! he’s back with a more clearer look, and we’re supposed to work together
We worked together several time and I found him very funny, smart and undeniably charming!

Forgive me for having a soft spot for a nerdy type .. but he’s just the perfect geek for me!
we even speak the same language and he’s as weird as me … oh and he’s single! (yay)

if this is a silly romantic novel he should’ve been in love with me at this point but no,this is not some mind blowing novel its my boring life we talking about…

actually if you ask in what level am I now, I would say around  minus 10 !! the progress?? man … slower than a cripple turtle! I don’t even know how to create conversation beside work!

and I don’t have guts to start it…I know talking to him like a normal human would not harm me, but then again i suck at this kind of flirt-giggle-girl-like-mode
I’d probably would look like a lost circus lady and laugh like a mad hyena… and it surely would freak the poor guy 😦

ugh this whole fall in love thingies driving me nuts!!


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