so tweet!

” Love is like a war:Easy to begin Hard to end!” some ancient proverb said…..true!

like today he was replying my tweet.. I was so happy as if its big deal..

sounds phatetic but actually i feel happy just to know that even if its just for a second, I’ve crossed his mind.

(….ok now you can vomit!…*sigh*)

See honestly, I wasnt even twitting before but now i just cant help twitting cause off course he’s there and i feel close to him just by seeing his nick!

I even open his websites just to know him .. googling him … add his BBM pin (though I WILL NEVER SEND HIM ANYTHING AND IT TOOK ME 3 DAYS TO HAVE COURAGE TO SEND THAT INVITATION!) ….read his blog (off course without leave comment) ……..wrote this love diary …and all the spooky 15th years old girl might do on their first love .. damn it!

(….ok now you can be scared cause i sound like a psycho)

aaarrggghhhh……..weird weird weiiirrrddd…I think my theraphist right..I have mental issue. I really hope this love sick stop!  so I can continue my life like a normal people…. 😦 😦 😦


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