24092010< supposedly published at 24th

Pay day! Yay!but the money just passing by, it went directly to credit card publisher’s pocket…. Daammnn I’m So brokee..!been telling myself credit card is evilll but keep using it! Double crap! I HATE CC!!

BTW my day has been quite OK, I love the weather and actually enjoy my time at the office. Just realized that I finally work! I mean working in a real office, with suit, cubicle, 10th floor view, office politic and nosy colleague …. Yeah pretty much same old shit but I love the fact that its not a small agency or family company like at the past. This new company listen to what I said, and actually need my expertise ..unlike the old one where I was only a living statue.

I’m glad years of torment were paid off. I’m good at this and like it! (other thing that I just found out)…


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