Reason Behind Ducktape Invention!

Some people were so gifted, no need to do anything, just by its present, they already ruin people’s mood!

How do I begin?!?

1st is her voice. She has this super annoying voice that can even wake mummy from its long sleep. Her voice sound so friggin annoying! CERTAINLY She’s the reason why ducktape were invented at the 1st place.

I did my best to block her voice from my head by turn the ipod vol but it didn’t worked. It seems that she has somekind of super speaker on her mouth that helps rid all barriers!

Dude! She has successfully ruin every morning sense I have.

2nd; her 2 face attitude, well what kind I say this kind of creature should be taken out and shot (period!)

3rd; kissing ass personality (the worst) I think hell has a special section dedicated for this kind of people!

Can she please be gone?Please God, take her away from me…give her a better job,where its close to her house,triple salary and lots of bonuses…enough to kick her away from my life… thanks God


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