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The Mum, The Birthday and The Mall <– the most creative title in the world, literally!

On my way to meet my mum to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

My mum kinda sentimental since morning, awfully helpful and forced us to celebrate dad’s b’day by having a family dinner. Yeah dinner, sitting together and have a quality time, (if we remember how to…) all of us  has been so caught up with stuffs, we almost forget that we do have family.

Me with my new job, my sisters with her new project (she’s a PO at this Event Organizer and currently handling a very big event. She has to travel province to province to support this event) My little sister and her friends (lately prefer to sleep over at her friend’s place, so we hardly meet) and my mum, she’s a full time mum but she’s busier than any of us… (with her religious activity, social stuff, party .. bla bla bla …)

Today we’re going to have dinner at the most convenient place in the world, “THE MALL”. Only God know why my retard sister chose that place. I mean… like seriously! that place packed with people! not mention all the kids running around … i mean dude… Mall + Weekend = TOTAL CHAOS!

The rain pour heavily as I tried to get in to the bus. Oh yeah.. probably because ITS friggin weekend so  I cant get any taxiiii…

(Goodness jakarta, what can I say you have lost your persona… traffic jam, criminals, shady alley, smelly guys on bus, sudden weather change, dirty street, lack of clean water, homeless people yeahh alll that things that can change sane people to monstrous form….)

Anyway I landed safely at the mall. Actually, just like any other normal girl out there I love Mall specially the shoe stores but man.. this place is packed! I mean really PACKED.. I keep accidentally hit people (yes true I hate surround with lots of people, it makes me insecure and nervous andas a result I get clumsier . Totally lame, honest!)

Meet up with my mum, and she looked happy, i mean really happy and perky, almost like a 5 years old with balloon but in a muuucchhh grown up version (she’s not wearing polkadot baby-doll so please erase it from your imagination) and guess what??! I get all sentimental and sappy just to see that ( yes ladies and gentlemen i do have hearth, not just a rumor, its true)

The mall-ing turn out great actually, we have dinner then shoe adventure, we chat, we laugh … it was OK. I guess we were to tired to argue and that make us sane.We talk a bout stuffs even taking pictures. Today is probably the best weekend i had so far in the last few months… (OK I emphasized it a bit, but twas good!)

Well that’s pretty much all… i’ll spare you from too much details (not just I dont remember any of those details but its also so very boring) .. adios .. very tired gonna get my beauty sleep and hope waking up in a more exiting life!


Pop’s birthday! HHOOVVAAHH!

Sept 25th is my dad’s birthday. Word cannot describe how i miss him…

Its been more than 3 years since he passed away and we still cant move on completely. He’s a great person and amazing father. His life weren’t always easy but he keep standing tall. He always said what he think, hate crap and never bow to anybody beside God. He’s funny, lovable and probably the kindest man ever!

I know my mum and sisters sometime still crying alone at night remembering him and honestly me too but I guess God have its own plan, i really do hope will see him again on the other side (thats prolly if i dont stuck at hell for he rest of my death cycle)….

I remember when i was kid i asked myself what would i do if he passed away… and the answer was.. i’ll die with him.

True, part of me died with him that day, twas probably the worst day in my life. that damn 3 o’clock phone conversation. I despite that day … 5th March 2007….

huaahhhh  enough for this whole sentimental crappppp…. OK dad where ever you are will see you soon, Rest In Peace and dont flirt to0 much with those angels kay..


Birthday list!

Way past my birthday but I feel like I need to make a “not to do list”..as this year I promised nothing but goodness..I know mother theresa is smiling upon me from heaven at this moment!

One:I should not spend more than I actually earn and use up all my credit cards to the limit! Forget all the new shoes, bags, cloths and start living in a time where credit card is just a myth!

Two: stop being a weight conscious bitch who need to do diet all the time! Though I desperately need one..(Suck it up randu you have big bones,blame the dinosaurs for inherit you this!)

Three: writing this journal everyday as I feel like I’m getting more and more aggressive lately…I don’t know is it hormones?

Four: get a new job by actually send at least a resume!not just wish a new job will fall from the sky out of nowhere!

Five: stop cursing,be more patient and positive!(This should be very easy, I can feel the positive aura inside me needs to be freed, I just need to suppress my killing tendencies and all should be OK)

Six: look for a nice guy and have a sexy-full of comitment-more than 3 months relationship!you can do it!

Seven: pray more..(I need this!!!maybe it’ll calm me down a bit)

Eight: stop eating carbs, meats, sweets, gravies, basically stop eating anything and starve yourselves to thin!(if oprah can you can!)

Nine: buy one of self improvement book and read it!(Target: get my name on one forbes list!)

Ten: be more feminine(Guy dig this,remember they like gabrielle not xena)

Eleven; stop drinking! Start sit up!

Twelve: stop making excuses for anything! Especially on why I need to snack around midnight or skipping yoga classes for “mall” classes!

Thirteen: use more moisturizer!

Fourteen: saving money!! (This should be priority)

Fifteen: be a humanitarian, enroll on miss universe pageant and create a better world (target:world peace and touch trump’s wig)

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