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Its me…. again :)

hi..how are you?its me I write again.. (awkward huh?!?)
definitely don’t know why I write these whole journal thingies again *sigh… I think its because I want to share my boring life and spread boring virus to the world!

like usual my life is like constantly the same, its like i’ve been trapped in the dungeon of asshaterry and there’s no way out. It keep sucking me in like dust to vacuum!

Anyway I moved!… Again…this new office is actually pretty cool! I have city view from my cubicle. My job isn’t bad either, I work on Branding division, I make the brand visible! THRILL! <– see how ecstatic I am!!! and as a slayer for spare time, you know… catching bad guy,kicking vampire asses and the whole saving the world heroic act….

Thank you for actually reading my journal,you’re prolly one of the few good people God created. For those of you who don’t, you’re prolly few smart people God created, Good Job!

Well that’s for the introduction,hopefully I haven’t lost the touch (meaning: I still remember how to spell) bye!



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