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The Wonderful Office Life

Why I have to be freakin sensitive and moody?as a result —> ridiculous mood since morning, I feel like crying with no fucking reason… God help!

The office still full with crap if I might say, but its the price you have to pay as you’re getting older and NEED TO WORK to survive. I don’t get it why growing up can be so suucckkkss. The “think before you talk” soon will turn me to retard. Office life sucks…there I said it again!

I hate pretending to be somebody else just to be fit in but it seems I need to do it since I haven’t even passed my probation (more like “parole” in my case).I’m so totally will open my own office and number 1 thing I will do is hire badass workers and kick rules away!

I got complained with how I dressed, HOW I DRESSED DOESN’T effect my job or my brainwork you piece of shit! Its just how I express my self, get the hell away from me and mind your own business!! *sigh

I guess that’s it, I need to start working now… ta ta!


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